Tuesday, March 21, 2006

1 Peter 2

I'm still behind in my own challenge. Here is my page for 1 Peter chapter 2. This was a hard one to do because I wanted a relevant photo, and I just didn't have any photos of living stones. I ended up digging out a photo of myself and using verse 19 as a starting point for a prayer. I'm not sure I like the yellow part of the title, but i was having a hard time matching up paint and not using too much blue.

Can I just talk about HOF for a moment? I have to admit that I have never actually followed the process before. I was never watching the pub board during all the excitement. This year it was as if I became drained emotionally AND I DIDN'T EVEN ENTER. I am so ADD to start with, and the deadline comes at such a bad time of year for us. Plus, I know I am nowhere near the league of the HOF winners. It's an amazingly talented group. Anyway, all that to say that I'm almost sad I didn't enter. Then I wouldn't feel so silly for getting all caught up in it. And I am so proud of the inspiring Wilna Furstenburg! It was exciting to see her name on the list, and I am sooooo happy for her!!

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