Friday, January 12, 2007


I really did a lot of crafty-type stuff before Christmas, but it's funny that I didn't take any pics. I was so intent on getting stuff finished that I never broke out the camera, and now it's all gone. Let's see...I ended up making 1 knitted scarf, 1 pair of earrings, 4 sets with planners, post-it note holders, and pens, another set with a planner and address book, a knitted bootie and hat set, and all sorts of edible goodies. I still have my planner to do, so maybe I can remember to post it.

Probably my favorite online SB store had several different special sales over the last few months which I couldn't resist. I had done pretty well convincing myself I don't need to buy scrap stuff if I haven't scrapped since June. Anyway, I finally sat down and used some of the good stuff I was unable to resist today. This comes only a week after finding my table under the remnants of all the Christmas stuff. Anyway, I'm obviously going to have lots of pics to work with from the last year, and here are the first of those. It's a good thing I'm not hung up on doing things in order or being "caught up."

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