Friday, December 02, 2005


Whatever you call it, I need it. Things always seem to get incredibly crazy this time of year. I am almost done--yes I said done--with gifts. Even though I have that part under control, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels.

I think there are several factors that are contributing to the craziness. I just started volunteering one day a week, and that has tossed our general schedule up a bit. Since all of our family is out of town, the holidays mean either visitors or trips. That means either less time at home to get regular things done or more time spent trying to make things presentable for guests. Add to all this the fact that holidays are busy times for churches, and as a pastor you don't really get to skip church functions--not usually for visiting family or for the sake of sanity.

Anyway, I am determined. I WILL make a schedule. I WILL purge toys before Christmas. I WILL get all gifts out of the way ASAP. I WILL find my desk again (This could be the most difficult of tasks.) I WILL make time to record some of the holiday memories we are making.

Alright, here is the part of my rambling where I plead for any of you out there in cyber space to share how you stay sane and still get in some scrapping and creating. LMK what works for you. I have to keep some things going or this blog wil be dead soon.

~ C ~


chris jenkins said...

i have so many things that i need to get done too and I often feel buried but what is working for me at the moment is just one project at a time. I used to start several but then they would be all left unfinished.

best of luck to you!

Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime) said...

Man I put things off like crazy because I end up with so much to do. I recommend make a list start with the most important and work down. Then just work your way through it all.

Good luck!

StaceyKingman said...

Before I had 4 kids, I didn't do this so much, but now I decide what will absolutely not matter to anyone else whether I get it done or not (letting your blog die is NOT an option - I just found it!) and then I force myself not to do it! What are you doing that has no eternal significance whatsoever? Pray about it. Take it off the list. This may not help, sorry.