Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Just to post

There isn't so much creativity flowing right now. We're trying to get back into the swing of things this week.

I just wanted to post these lyrics because this song hits me every time I hear it.

This Fathomless Love

Lord, what moved Your heart to love lowly man
before any star could herald Your praise?
And why did You come, abasing Yourself,
veiled in a robe of frail human clay?
Why would You, the pure, give Your life for the vile,
the innocent seeking the guilty, to be reconciled?

I can't comprehend this fathomless love.
I'm gripped and amazed at what You have done.
Why would the adored become the despised,
to bear all the furious wrath that was mine?
How awesome this mystery
of Your fathomless love
for me.

Why would You adopt and take as Your own
those who had crushed Your one precious Son?
Why mercy and grace towards Your enemies?
Your name they have cursed and Your throne they have shunned.
Oh, how could you choose to show kindness to these?
The ones who would mock You and hate You, the ones just like me?

words by Steve & Vikki Cook

This song is from Sovereign Grace ministries. They have some great stuff. You should check it out.

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