Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Latest Creation

This was fun because I never get to play with pink. I'm kind of surprised I even had enough papers to do a real project. If it had been a normal size, I definitely would not! It was also a challenge because the tin is one of those tiny little sliding gift card holders from WM. I even had to take the page that is on the lid out of the book because it wouldn't close!

I like doing these little tin albums because I can just play around and see how it turns out. I think I let myself have a little more fun on this one than I have in the past. I just didn't worry so much, and as you can see, I fell in love with making white dots on black cardstock!


Michelle W. said...

that is too cool! I love it!


StaceyKingman said...

This is so so so cool. I absolutely am inspired. :)

Gwyn said...

This is just darling! I've done a lot of these, too. In fact, maybe the "statute of limitations" is up on my pubbed one, and I can post it at 2peas.