Thursday, June 08, 2006

Playing around

with Photoshop. Playing enough to realize that the version I have won't do a lot of basic things that I need it to--like save a document as a jpeg instead of a PS format. Grrrr. It's so old. I better start saving for PSE 4.0 because only professionals and people with much more money than me should buy PS. I'm not sure I'm loving the font choices on this, but it works.

Anyway, I was playing around trying to get used to the format and learning how to do some things, and this is the firs "creation" I came up with. You know, if you go to an actual photographer and have them do one of these and buy a print, it costs a fortune. Hence the reason I want to learn to do it myself.

You know, my mom would always look at clothes and stuf like that that we wanted, and her reply would alway be we can MAKE that. Now, I know I inherited some of that, but my latest experience came because we are in the process of putting together a photo directory for our church. We went in and had our photos taken, then we moved to a special room where they proceded to tempt us to buy prints. This was when I had my own I can DO that moment. The guy had taken some relatively cute photos of Jonathan, and we considered buying some to pass out to all the grands, but wait! It was something like $80 for 2 5 X 7s. This was when I remembered that I have a good chunk of change invested in a camera that I finally know how to use. thanks. I'm just not a real studio portrait lover, so we decided to hold off.

Oh, but since we did have a $20 off since big J is staff, the grands can be expecting our first ever family portrait (that I do not like by the way) in a more modest size coming their way in the future.


One of the Grands said...

I am looking forward to that!

kellidarr said...

awesome! I love can do A LOT in it:) And there are a ton of tutorials all over on line:)