Thursday, September 07, 2006

Is it really possible... fit half a room full of craft stuff into one closet? Well, when you're trying to fit another person into your house, there isn't much choice. We swapped rooms in the process, and I was able to get all of my craft stuff plus some learning stuff for J in the closet with only one cabinte out in the room. I didn't take a pic of the cabinet, but it's a big printer cabinet and there is even some extra room in it since I cleaned it out. The plan is to use that surface for a desktop since I sold my desk at our yard sale.

Here are some pics of the closet, and all I bought was the one bookshelf. Everything else was used as it was or reinvented to fit a new need. I've considered taking down the sliding doors and

putting up some sort of curtain, but I dunno.

The yard sale, by the way, went very well until about 9:00 when the policeman came and made us take down our signs. Grrrr. I guess I might have to explore Ebay again.

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