Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gone Postal

I should have sent them out before we left on vacation, but somehow that didn't happen. So...all but one of the prizes went into the mail Monday along with a card order. I'm still trying to get an address the I must have deleted by accident. Don't you love the mistakes we make when our inboxes are slammed (insert eye roll).

We had a good time in the mountains on our vacation. It was nice and a bit cooler there than here--plus there was the pool. I thought I would share a photo from one of our drives through Cade's Cove.

Also, I am officially registering for a local craft gala at the end of October. Most of the shows around here are outside, and I don't have the setup for that type of thing yet. This particular one benefits Newspapers in Education and there is a fee to get in. It is usually in early December, so it puts me on a tighter schedule than I expected. That is probably a good thing since I thrive on close deadlines. (That also means I'm a procrastinator.)

I've been ordering some supplies to finish up some ideas I've had rolling around. Of course, this also means I have to actually narrow down what I will take and decide on the best way to market some items. I will be sharing 2 tables with my sister since she's more into the sewing part of things than I have been able to get. I still have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine!

And, I have finally posted something new in my shop.

I've been in the midst of planning and scheduling for our adventure in homeschooling this fall, so there hasn't been much opportunity to just get some creating done. I'm looking forward to having an opportunity for that soon.


Nanette said...

Wanted to let you know I recieved my prize from the Doggy Days Giveaways. (Purple flowers hair pins that are sooo cute). I know the perfect little girl to give them to. She is my "adopted" grandchild and loves hair stuff. Her birthday is in September. Thanks for participating in the giveaway.

six gun sally said...

see here for details!!