Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another shop?

I am tossing around the idea of filling up another shop on etsy. I already have a shop since I totally forgot about one I had already created when I decided to do the design items. I really want to have one place for all of my items that focus on the difficult stuff--for the pregancy and infant loss items. I'm thinking it would have various memorial designs for jewelry, the BoH jewelry, sympathy, thinking of you, and thank you cards, as well as announcements for birth and bereavement and even for when little troopers leave the hospital.

Mostly, it will be a matter of moving certain listings and listing things that I've already designed. That's not the hard part. Once again, the hard part is coming up with a name. I want it to be something that expresses the comfort I hope the items will brings or the fact that the items will be celebrating special lives. I thought of a few options, but for some reason, they just don' t seem quite right.

In Joy and Sorrow
Tender Expressions

I would LOVE any input you all might have. I don't want it to bee cheesy, but I do want it to make a point.


Amy said...

What about something about angels... Loving Little Angels, Lost Little Angels, Rmember the Little Angels, Tiny Angels...ok so I am stuck on Angels, but that has always been how I look at lost infants.

Anonymous said...

What about something about Gifts from God? That is what they are...even if we have them for only a little while. That is what Little David is for me. Nana Faye

chocolate girl said...

i think this is not only needed, but an amazing idea for a shop. speaking as a mother who has experienced the loss of 4 babies, I can honestly say that having something tangible, a memorial of sorts, would have lessoned my own grieving.

i am not good at all with names, but i think this would be such a worthwhile endeavor and greatly needed in the world. and what better place than on etsy.