Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crafty Clearance

Another 20% off!
OK, so I really want to get rid of this stuff. I'm offering another 20% off of the listed prices! You know these will make good Christmas gifts for someone.

I've been trying to clear out some things around here, and I came across my craft show box. At this point, my goals don't include relisting these items in my etsy shop because I'd like to take things in a different direction. I would like to get this stuff out of here, though. So I thought I'd have a crafty clearance sale.

I'm offering everything you see here for at least 50% off of what I had it priced plus actual shipping. I've added numbers to some photos to help identify items. If you're interested in any of the items you see here, just zap me an email at Feel free to contact me with questions you might have as well!

You can click on the photos for a larger image.

Scrabble Tile Pendants $5 each - These have silver plated bails and include a silver ball chain like the one in the photo. If you have a special length request, I can do that as well.
SOLD: all except #6, 16, 17

Flower hair pins with Swarovski rhinestones - $3 each
SOLD: photo 2 #3

Felt flower hair elastics and clip $2 each - These are not wool felt.

Clothespin Dolls $.50 each

Felt flower and ribbon bookmarks $.50 each

Amy Butler Print Composition Journals $3 each

Pincushions $1 each

Handknit Scarves $7 each - These are 100% acrylic yarn.

Sticky Note Holders $1 each - These are sticky note pads with a matchbook-type cover that fastens with velcro
SOLD: #4

Earrings - All of the findings in these are sterling silver.

They are all $6 for each pair except for #5 which is $8.


1. child's Swarovski crystal, faux pearl, and sterling silver $9

2. glass beads $7 SOLD

3. baby's Swarovski crystal, Swarovski pearl, and sterling silver with extender clasp $6 SOLD

4. Hematite and glass beads $10 SOLD

5. Swarovski crystals and Hematite $10

Pink set - $7 each piece bracelet SOLD

Turquoise and black:

1. turquoise, black glass, sterling silver, and "antique gold" finish bee charm $12.50 SOLD

2. turquoise, sterling silver, and Swarovski crystals on a SS chain $11

3. turquoise, black glass, sterling silver, and "antique gold" finish bee beads $12.50 SOLD

Boquet Necklace $13 - sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, and lucite flowers

Bracelets and Pendant:

1. sterling silver and glass cube beads $12

2. sterling silver and swarovski $12

3. turquoise, black glass, sterling silver and stone pendant on sheer ribbon $5

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