Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What a Waste

A couple of hours and several gallons of expensive gas were wasted today. I really need to find a way to remind myself that ordering online is the best way to go.

I'm hearing all kinds of praise over at the Bucket about the Heidi Swapp line that Target is carrying. The husband loves Goodberry's which is an awesome frozen custard stand that happens to be located near a Super Target. Since our Target is less than Super, I was able to convince him he needed a custard fix today. All is well...so it seems.

My day was something like this... Get to T...no Heidi. There was an awesome school supply clearance sale, so I did pick up some nice 3 ring binders--just in case. After custard, we really should ride into Raleigh since we are so close...Ha. Check the other Super T--no Heidi. I should stop by the LSS since we are right by it. I'm looking for 8.5 x 11 albums--good thing I picked up the 3 ring binders--no albums. Also, the stock is less than marvelous since there is a new owner.

I really should check at Michael's to see if they got in that new 8 x 8 slab with Christina Cole papers in. Found some American Craft ribbons, and a great deal on paper for my sister's wedding invites, but alas--no slab. So next time I decide I just have to drive an hour for a SB supply fix, I really should come review this entry so that I will realize I should just be clicking away with my mouse and actually doing the things on my "to do" list!

It's a whiny blog day for me!

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onedisenylover said...

your day sounds just like mine...i often spend my "scrapping time" searching for the latest stuff that i see on the bucket. for the newest books, magazine, papers, etc...anything and everything that i *need* just so i can scrap another page!!!

like you, i have become a target stalker in search of the elusive hs stuff...i have even gone so far as to email them and call the corporate offices. they have searched (their computers i suppose) and have found nothing. so now i have to supply them with a upc before they can go any further. they think it may have been discontinued (yeah right...it just came out). so i have asked for the help of fellow peas. we'll see how it goes...i just want to know if one in my area has them...i have literally gone to 6 targets!!!

anyway...you are not crazy...i do the exact same thing...just yesterday in fact...going to 3 different m's looking for the bh sketches book...and target of course!!!