Saturday, October 01, 2005

Going Vertical

It seems like vertical is good lately. I know vertical paper storage has transformed the way I store paper, and it has given me tons of extra space. With a 2-year-old, I need a way to keep photos, embellishments, and tools out of the reach of little hands. I have seen so many pics of cute rooms with tons of shelves and stuff. I have 2 issues though:
1. My budget is tight.
2. We rent our house, so I can't exactly do a shelving makeover.

I think I have found a solution!!

Image hosted by

I already had this huge printer cart in my room for storage and counter space. I found these neat stacking bookshelves at Wally World on clearance, so we stacked them on top of the cabinet to make vertical shelves. Yay!! It may not be chic, but it serves the purpose. It's going to give me lots of extra room. Now I just have to dig in and clean out he closet in here. I may get organized after all!

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