Saturday, November 04, 2006

I couldn't stand it

When we traded rooms and I purged all my craft stuff, I sold my desk at our yard sale. The plan was to use the top of the big cabinet I kept for scrapping and such. Well... since then I haven't really done a thing. And have you ever tried to use a sewing machine on top of a cabinet?

So I found this cool black and metal sawhorse table at Target for $15 bucks. I put it together last night, and between having the new space and getting my Scrap Supply order in the mail today, I am so happy already. In a sense I still made money since I sold my old desk for $20. Ha!! Anyway, it doesn't have any drawers for me to stuff junk, so that's a big plus. I put it up next to the closet and I'll be chucking the cabinet I was supposed to be using soon. Take a little peek.

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I actually already did a little playing around since I finally broke down and got some acrylic blocks and my solid George stamps were in the SS order!! I think we may be getting somewhere.

I promised to share some crafty links, so I'll give you one I came across, and there are a ton of links in her sidebar. Don't get sucked in!!

Posie gets Cozy

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