Friday, November 17, 2006

Where does all the time go?

I had plans to start on stuff for Christmas probably back in September. I was going to be on the ball and get everything out of the way. Ha!! November is half over, and I'm barely getting a start on Christmas stuff. And, as you've probably noticed, there is no etsy shop to speak of. Oh, it's there--but it's empty.

And that table I got for my craft stuff--it's buried under piles already. It has taken me forever, but I did get finished with another magnetic advent calendar. It's different from the one I did last year, but made from the same basic design. I am definitely thinking this will be my last one with all the different number pieces. It is just not worth the time it takes since I'm so picky about what goes next to each other. These were harder than the one last year because the squares were smaller. That means the pieces have to be smaller, and the numbers have to be smaller. There is a limit to the amount of tiny numbers I can find in my stash.

Anyway, here is the finished product. I'm thinking ebay for this baby, but I may need to get some better pics. I like this one better than last year's version, but it's probably just the cute little snowmen.

I have some other ideas rolling around in my head, but I need to finish cleaning my house first. That seems to be an ongoing process with Mr. Destructo around. I definitely need to see some progress on some Christmas stuff.

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