Tuesday, March 20, 2007

For Me

I've had all sorts of stuff rolling around in my head since I am so ADD when it comes to crafts. The fact that I've been trying to settle on what sorts of thing I want to try out at the farmer's market definitely adds to that, too. In all the craziness, I often think so much and then accomplish nothing. I made myself sit down this weekend an work on some ideas I had for stuff for me--stuff I can wear.

I'm so weird about colors and matching and all (but I'm trying to get over it some), so I ended up making these earrings with the Czech rhinestone thingies, and some black glass beads. These are similar to the ones I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas except hers were all rhinestones, and bigger silver beads.

This is really a charm bracelet to which I added swarovski and silver bead wraps. I am loving this whole wrapping thing. It makes for some interesting combinations. I think I am going to offer this bracelet at the market only it will be made from a different base chain and will just have the awareness ribbon charm. They can be made with all different colors that represent different things, but the pink and blue is for pregnancy and infant loss awareness. The idea is to create a base piece, and then people can add charms for lost pregnancies or babies. I haven't quite found any charms that I love for those purposes yet. I'll probably offer other colors for special order. I'm just hoping I can work out the pricing to a reasonable level, but I'm so bad at knowing what's reasonable.

I'm getting frustrated, too because it's so hard to photograph jewelry in a way that really shows it off--especially with limited lighting. Ggrrrr.


Allison said...

Just a note about photographing your pieces.. my sister is in graphics and made me a jewelry catalog.

She took my pieces outside and put them on the driveway. I know that sounds very dull.. but they were perfect. You didn't get the reflection of the flash or too harsh a look from black or colored fabric.

try it and see if you like it!

Good luck with your stuff.. I am assuming you are getting it wholesale?


karin said...

Hi Sue,
i love your beading, apart from scrapbooking that is the only other thing i do. photos outside shows the beads the best, try it out.
love to meet new people by blogging, glad i found your blog.