Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I am overwhelmed at the number of visitors yesterday and today. Welcome to everyone, stay a while if you like, and definitely come back!

Today, I've been updating some of my photos. Some of the ones I had up of my cards just weren't cutting it. Here are some I haven't posted yet.

I took the opportunity to use one of the displays I got for a steal recently to update some of my pendant photos, too.

I got so many different displays from this awesome etsyseller including the earring display in yesterday's post. I only wish I had found the shop sooner. She had so many things to choose from at great prices.

Thanks again to everyone who has stopped in for a visit. If you haven't entered the drawing, be sure you do!


embee said...

i love the first notecard...seems like everyone around me has been having babies lately!

Christina said...

Looks like you took all the earring displays! Haha! That's what I need now.

The cards are lovely!

Tonya Barber said...

The bust ended up working well. It doesn't look so strange with the necklace on it. Like it! Now if I decide to do craft shows I may have to borrow some stuff. HA... I'm gonna post a pic of my apron I just finished... yeah it's like 11:30pm. So it will probably be tomorrow before I post it. You'll have to see.
Love ya sis!