Saturday, May 19, 2007

Finally...some BoH jewelry

I did some working and reworking on the pendant cluster for the necklace, but I think I really like how it turned out. Of course, these are my favorite materials anyway--turquoise with black and sterling silver.

The idea in these is to create the piece in sterling silver as the rest of my jewelry is, but to have the little bee charm in gold to make it stand out. Of course, a silver version would be available upon request. Turquoise and the bee are signatures for Breath of Hope which is a nonprofit support organization for families facing battles associated with CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia).

I decided to take a pic of the bracelet on this time because I don't think the pics of them just lying there do them justice.

I'd love any feedback on these pieces. As you can see, they follow my usual style, but I know there may be some out there who would like something a bit more traditional. I haven't made it that far in the designing process yet. Any suggestions are certainly welcomed!!


Tonya Barber said...

Ok so first of all you know I told you that when you finished these BOH bracelets that I wanted one. The other thing is... That since the fabric store there is going out of business I need you to check for frog fabric. I'll call you tomorrow and explain that one more. Anyway talk to ya soon. Things look good.

albenton said...

That is so pretty! =D

Athena's Armoury said...

Great necklace! I've seen similar from top designers, so you're right on with trend. Cool.

ap said...

The turquoise with the black and silver and gold all together is just fabulous! Great work.