Thursday, June 07, 2007


So I am in awe at all the gorgeous fabrics I have seen all over projects on the web. We pretty much no longer have a local source for fabric, and that's one thing I've never really looked at online. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when trying to shop online.

I was looking around Randi's blog, I have to Say..., and she has a few links to some yummy fabric. And you should definitely check out some of the things she has been making. She has a gorgeous bag she's made recently!

Anyway, I'd love it if any of you could point me in the direction of some more yummy fabrics. Do you have a method for finding vintage fabrics?


Carla said...

you know whats funny? we both have blogs. spend time writing up posts. and in the end, nobody reads them or comments them and its just us trying to be famous... sad for me... lol


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I did read your complete blog and it is nice. And your work is very nice.

Flickr is very, very easy and fun. Lot of nice groups within flickr that you can join. Corline

Robinella said...

My friend Sushi gets her fabrics on ebay. Her link in on my blog. "sushis got a brand new bag" and I showed the one she just finished for me with the gorgeous teal and brown. She's had great success also with J&O Fabrics as well. Your stuff is great and I'm slowly looking through your blog. Thanks for stopping by and reading my drivel.