Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Speaking of Apronpalooza...

I was fiddling around with Flickr yesterday, and I came across a link to another etsy shop that I absolutely love! Now, I'm pretty ADD when it comes to crafting, but the one thing I'm not-so-good at is sewing. I mean, I can sew a straight stitch, but when it comes time for the patience to really jump in and learn--hasn't happened yet. So of course, I'm always impressed when I see good sewing. All that to say that I found an awesome shop with gorgeous aprons yesterday!

Joyful Abode

You can check out Joyful Abode and drool over the aprons right along with me. And I'll let you kow if I ever sew something worth selling. Ha!

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RoriK said...

Found your blog from the wed blog at your photos! Will have to check out the link, thanks.