Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some Good Stuff


Check out this fun contest on Nan's blog to win one of many cute aprons this week. I have never seen so many great aprons in all my life!

Also, I have been trying not to spend more money on Etsy than I make. You know it's kind of like it would be if I worked at a scrap store or someplace like that--I would probably spend my paycheck and then some. However, I did break down and buy some soap from Bathlife yesterday. It just looked and sounded so yummy. I'll try to give a review once I get it in my hands.

I'm in the middle of working on several custom bracelets for an order(which I'm always glad to do). I got the rest of the supplies to finish them today, so I hope to have pics of those very soon!

And...I've been trying to figure out Flickr this week. I'm not so savvy with it yet, but I hope to be posting photos of all sorts of things there. Do you have any great groups that I should check out?

And finally, I'll leave you with a pic of a notecard set I created just because it makes me happy!


happydays525 said...

These are just precious! Love em'!

Randi said...

I clicked over here from the apronpalooza and i must say that you have a lovely, crafty blog!