Thursday, June 21, 2007

Up to my eyeballs... cupcake parts. Well, there aren't really that many, but it sure feels like it. I has a little setback when some of the beads started not fitting over my only beading needle, so I had to wait until I could go into town and get another one. You can see all the little beaded tops and stitched bottoms here waiting to be assembled with their ribbons and rings.

Usually I find it pretty easy to keep myself from buying beads impulsively because I have to buy my supplies online. Last weekend, though, we went on a little shopping trip since the hubby needed some new jeans. And since it was so close to a bead shop... You know what follows. It's just so hard to resist when you can touch and feel and see up close. I was pretty good, though. I did pick up a few things that I've only been able to find at this shop as well as a few strands of beads.
One strand I couldn't resist was this hematite. I love the look and how it can be used with beads of whatever color strikes your fancy. I put together this bracelet with some glass beads, and I love the red with the hematite. I think I want to work on some coordinating earrings now.


aleciagrimm said...

Wow!! THose key chains are so awesome!! THey look like a lot of work, but totally worth it. I love the bracelet too.

Patricia's Art said...

Cool bracelet! Love the look of your your blog :)